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Where can I learn Mandarin faster in Singapore? And how can I find the best Mandarin teachers in Singapore? You do not need to waste time to search for the best Mandarin teachers or Chinese courses. We have the perfect solution for you.

New Concept Mandarin have been providing Chinese Courses in Singapore since 2006. Our courses are designed for business people who need quick and practical Mandarin communication skills. We have worked with many prominent business clients in Singapore to upskill their staff and have them speaking fluent business Chinese in no time. Some of the companies we have had the honour of working with include APEC, MAS, Aberdeen Assets Management, Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Philip Electronics Singapore, UBS, ANZ Banking Group, CNBC, High Commission Canada, InterContinental Hotels Group, DHL Express, Goldman Sachs Singapore, Singapore Tourism Board, The Economist, BP Singapore, Bank of Singapore, RWS, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, SHELL and RBS Group.

We have developed “Flipped Learning Approach” to help our students to learn Mandarin.

With our own course books, online video tutorials and mobile Apps, we have developed an effective Flipped Learning model. Course books are integrated with mandarin learning video tutorials, online learning tools and learning Apps. With this approach students can achieve their learning outcomes 3 times more efficiently than from a traditional Chinese school. Learning with us does not stop with the classroom. In addition to a practice Mandarin class with our professional teachers, students can continue their Mandarin learning throughout the day without any extra cost. Students can watch our video lecture before class, prepare for their lessons with our website or App anytime, and review the contents anywhere.

New Concept Mandarin offers a wide range of Chinese lessons that are perfect for students of all skill levels.

While we provide general Mandarin courses for foreigners and local business professionals in Singapore, we are constantly approached by parents of international schools to help their children with their IB, IGCSE Chinese study. Over the past 10 years our trainers have gained rich experience in helping students with their IB and IGCSE Chinese study and test preparation. We offer face-to-face private tutorial in students’ homes. Group and private tutorials are also available in our training center in Singapore.

Interested but not convinced yet? Why not book a free trial Mandarin lesson to experience yourself? Our school is conveniently located near Tanjong Pagar MRT.

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We offer structured curriculums for learners at all levels with personalized learning materials including:

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With our own course books, online video tutorials and apps, we have developed an effective ‘Flipped Learning’ model. With this interactive learning approach students can achieve 3 times more effective learning results than from a traditional classroom lecture situation. This model means learning with us does not start and stop with lectures. Instead, you can continue your study anytime by watching our video lectures and preparing for or reviewing the lesson contents on our website or with our mobile apps – anywhere and anytime.

All our teachers are carefully selected and professionally trained.


They are well prepared and will help you effectively achieve

the learning objectives for each lesson.


They have high energy in class and understand how to inspire and

motivate you to learn Chinese in a meaningful way.


They understand the challenges of Mandarin study at different levels and

will adjust their teaching pace and methods to suit you as a learner.

My experience at New Concept Mandarin (NCM) was amazing! I was highly impressed by the teaching method, the teacher, and the learning materials. The online videos were extremely helpful and allowed me to make progress faster than I have ever expected. I tried a few other Mandarin schools but NCM is the best!

I would highly recommend this Mandarin school to anyone interested in studying Chinese. It is really fun and once you overcome the initial shock, it is not as difficult as one might think.

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